Motorbiking through East Africa

As I was in Cairo, my buddy Lewis who was living in Nairobi (Kenya) suggested that I should visit him. That sounded like an awesome idea, considering how much I missed him, how little I had explored Africa, and the fact that one of my dreams was to motorbike through this mysterious continent… “Let’s do […]

1 month in Cairo

After the Venice carnival, I went to Milan to visit some friends and then I flew to Cairo, where I had a friend I wanted to visit. After all the traveling I felt like I needed a place to settle down for a while and to train and learn russian and read books. So I […]

Venice Carnival 2017

I had just done a mini Europe trip to catch up with some of my scattered friends and family in Brussels, London and Luxembourg, and I was freezing my ass off compared to India and Dubai. However, it was all worth it because I was finally going to meet some of my best friends again, […]

Motorbiking through India

It was -15°C in Bishkek, and everything was covered in snow. It was beautiful, and I was having the time of my life, but I missed the sunshine and heat. So I flew to India on November 18th 2016, and I bought a motorbike a couple days later in Karol Bagh, an area in Delhi […]

Exploring Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan

After motorbiking through Spain, I spent almost 2 months exploring the south east of Kazakhstan, and the north of Kyrgyzstan; until it was -15°C and I decided to go to India. In Kazakhstan, I hanged out with friends and met loads of people, and had a crazy birthday night: In Kyrgyzstan, I went hiking though […]

AirBnb – Superhost

During the summer of 2016, on a traveling break, I was living alone at my dad’s place in Luxembourg. It felt like a waste having so much space so I decided to fix, redesign and rent out 5 rooms (4 through AirBnb) in the house. I learned a lot about hospitality, and had a great […]

Road-trip Morocco

My girlfriend Magda and I decided to rent a car in Rabat, Morocco, and do a 12 days road trip around the country. It was awesome    

7+1 Languages

I have both the Spanish and Luxembourgish nationalities, and I have also lived in the UK, Germany and Sweden, where I got to practice my language skills, in addition to having travelled extensively in Italy and sparsely in Russian-speaking countries. Here are my current language levels:

Fitness & Bodybuilding Competitions

European Championships Fitness 2012 – Miami Pro Fitness Model category: 2nd place   World Fitness Federation – Mr Universe 2012 Bodybuilding Junior: 4rd place   Fame UK 2011 Fitness Model category: 2nd place   Bodybuilding: International Open Contest of Luxembourg 2010 Bodybuilding under 70kg: 1st place   Fame UK 2010 Fitness Model category: 3rd place  

Consultant – 180 Degrees Consulting

I was a consultant during 1 semester for 180 Degrees Consulting, a student consulting organization. My project consisted in improving my student’s association’s (SASSE – Student Association at the Stockholm School of Economics) business model.  

“Fitness Guru” at university – SASSE

I used to be the fitness guru at the Stockholm School of Economics. This meant that had a section of the newsletter where I wrote weekly about fitness, nutrition and staying in good shape. I also organized some outdoor workout sessions and gave fitness advice to fellow students.

Winter Sailing in Stockholm

The other day, there was a lot of snow falling in Stockholm, and everything looked so pretty covered in white. I wondered how crazy and amazing it would be go sailing in that weather… There was only one way to find out… Going sailing! PS: It’s so nice to have awesome friends who are up […]


Remembering a trip to Swedish Lapland on Christmas 2014 with my buddy Lewis. It was like a winter fairy tale.    

Project Leader – Get Out

I was the project leader for SASSE Get Out, the association for student outdoor activities at the Stockholm School of Economics. I organized and actively promoted some events, such as a hike and a kayaking & camping trip:

Lapland: Hiking the Kungsleden

The previous summer I had hiked the 1st part of the Kungsleden, but stopped due to bad weather (and equipment). So I went up there again, this time with even a tent and sleeping bag! I ended up hiking a couple hundred kilometers in 6 days! It was an amazing opportunity to just get lost […]

Summer Sailing: Stockholm Archipelago

When I woke up one morning in Luxembourg after a few days of being there, I just had the feeling that I needed to leave and seek some new adventures. I bought the cheapest ticket towards the north that I could find, posted the upcoming adventure on facebook, and 36 hours later I was sailing […]

Mini-Adventures in Menorca

This summer I spent a few weeks in Menorca, a Spanish island, since my sister had a home by the water that I could stay in. It was so much fun going around doing cool stuff like: Kayaking with friends Riding on the Speedboat Fishing with harpoon Climbing on cliffs hanging above the water Snorkeling […]

Hitch-Hiking around Iceland

I spent a month hitch hiking around Iceland, camping by glaciers, volcanoes, fjords, lakes and beaches. I also climbed climbing mountains, hiked on active volcanoes, saw hundreds of waterfalls, rid Icelandic horses, and retired into the wild for a few days. I found myself in loads of new and exciting situations thanks to hitch hiking, which gave […]

Road-trip in Sweden & Finland

Summary: I did a road-trip with my buddies Thomas and Antoine around Sweden and Finland, camping and fishing by lakes in the middle of nowhere. It was awesome, especially the chilling around the fire that we did every night, no matter whether it was by the beach, or in the middle of the forest. Long version: […]

Lapland in Summer & hitchhiking

Summary: After flying from Bangkok, I went 200km north of the arctic circle to hike the Kungsleden train through a deserted Lapland, sleeping under rocks or in huts that I found along the way. I also ended up hiking off-track to the top of Kebnekaise, Sweden’s highest mountain. After that, I hitch hiked about 300km […]

Exploring Islands in Thailand

Summary: I bought a long tail motorboat in Thailand and spent 2 months going from island to island on my own, most of which were uninhabited. I started in Krabi, made it all the way to Malaysia and back. Oh, and I almost sank 6 times, since it was a small boat and it was […]

Trekking around Annapurna, Himalayas

This 2 words are enough to describe it: Insanely cool. Every single day of the Annapurna circuit in Nepal takes you through new scenery, through some of the most impressive natural landscapes that you can imagine, along the 200km that I checked out. When trekking through the immensity of the beauty surrounding you, you feel […]

Living in a Buddhist monastery

After the accident, I could barely walk, so I decided to go chill out and recover in a Buddhist monastery nearby, with views over some of the Annapurnas highest peaks…Every time I looked at them I just wished to recover as fast as possible to go trekking around them… and I guess it worked, because […]

Road trip – United Arab Emirates

I explored the whole United Arab Emirates on a rented car for about 2 weeks, and I got stuck countless times on the sand trying to explore desert areas. It was awesome. I arrived by bus from Oman at about 5am, waaaaay to early to do anything, so I just went to a park to […]

Road-trip in Oman

Back in Muscat, I had to find a fun and adventurous alternative to the 50+Euro hotels. So I rented a car and off I was for some crazy road-trip on-board my moving hotel. After watching the sunset over Muscat’s famous incense burner by the sea, I drove until I found a remote mini-paradise beach, where […]


Personal Trainer Diet and Nutritional Advisor Lifeguard (expired) SIA – Door Supervisor / Bouncer (expired) Spanish Boat License – “titulín” Driving License Fitness Instructor – Level 2 CYQ Climbing License Mensa member

Lapland in Winter

            Hey guys, long time no read. Well not really but it’s always a good introduction. Anyway, I’m in Kitkiöjärvi, a very remote village in the middle of nowhere/Lapland. I’m living in a big old school, not used any longer because there is currently no one here below 40 except […]

Horse Riding Trip – Nicaragua

  Upon arriving to Ometepe, the world’s largest volcanic island on a lake, I could not resist the temptation of adventure and I ended up buying a horse for 125$ saddle included. Watch my epic journey as I landscapeer through the island, galloping by the beaches, climbing and sleeping on volcanoes, helping out as a […]

Landscapeering – Central America

  I defined landscapeering as the art of flowing through marvellous landscapes. Watch me travel in different ways through countries in Central America, doing what I love the most. I’m once more having the time of my life, getting lost in jungles, climbing volcanoes capturing rainbows, sailing between islands at dusk, travelling in new ways, […]

Cycling through Central America

Summary: On my birthday, Brad and I left on an epic and dangerous bicycle trip from Mexico, through Belize, Guatemala, Honduras up to El Salvador. O wow, this is crazy. It’s so funny when you think about doing something, then do it, and afterwards write about it. It’s kinda a process in which you feel […]

Mexico Fun

  So, after my rowing trip on the Danube, I went to chillout at the beach in Spain for a few weeks. Ahh, it was nice. But then, I felt like going somewhere new, somewhere hot with awesome beaches filled with palm trees and loads of fishes. Oh yes, and somewhere cheap! So I went […]

Rowing trip on the Danube

  After cycling to Budapest, and arriving on the hungarian national day, my friend Mark and I left on an epic 2 week trip on his rowing boat. We basically rowed and chilled to Slovakia and back, camping on the shores of the river.

Biketrip – Eastern Europe

Summary: After my Kayaking trip on the Elbe, I had to get from Germany to meet a friend in Hungary. I had an old rusted bike with which I did not know what to do, and I could not wait to get to the countryside. I’d never been to Poland, so I ended up cycling past […]

Floating escape on an Inflatable Kayak   Summary: After working really hard to finish my Master, I needed a brake, a complete chillout. So I went and bought an inflatable kayak and jumped on the Elbe river in Dresden. My plan was to completely forget everything, see some amazing landscapes, and have a fun adventure. I had never slept on […]

Interrail with Johnny the Mouse

The other day, as I was walking on the street, I realized that it was too cold for me. I also realized that I had never travelled with a mouse, so I decided to buy one, and a few hours later, after a white night decided to leave to Sicily. I had 4 spare days […]

Kayaking trip on the Thames

Hey! I just came from a Kayaking trip around the Thames… After my first exam at uni I had a few days off until the next one, so I decided to do something random and bought a kayak on Ebay, and bus tickets to get there a few hours later, after having a chicken drumstick eating competition (which […]

Amazing Peru

Hey there! I just came back from a trip to Peru… I had such a good time over there, in front of all those amazing landscapes, and meeting some wonderful people. I rediscovered another meaning of life, and the things and outlooks on life that I’ve learned during this trip will change my life. Hope […]

Iran, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey & Bulgaria

I had arrived from my 6000 km bike trip a few days ago, and I had spent some quality time in Luxembourg with friends, building a mobile squat rack for my garden/garage, building a shelter for wood for the barbecue and chimney, picking up wood logs from the forest, rollerblading around, and messing about. Oh […]

6000km Biketrip to Northcape

Actually, the full title should be: “Bike trip from my home in Luxembourg, across Germany, across Denmark, across south Sweden, Across the whole of Norway from south to north, crossing the arctic circle, to the North Cape (Europe’s northernmost point), across the whole of Finland from north to south, across Estonia, and across Latvia until […]

Road trip: Luxembourg – Madrid

About a month before then, my dad had told me that he thought of bringing his old car to Madrid, since it would be more useful there. He thought of driving it sometime during the easter holiday. I had just gotten my driving license, so this was a golden opportunity to do a good act. […]

Biketrip: Loughborough to Edinburgh (550km in 2 days)

This one is an interesting one… I had recently broken up with my (4 years + relationship) girlfriend. The previous weekend I had won a Bodybuilding competition (International Open Contest Luxembourg, U70kg), and the weekend before that I had done the Lausanne half marathon (just for the record, beating both of my cousins :P). So […]

Mini cycling trip to Stonehenge

It was summer time, and I had a photoshoot in the west of London. When it was over at around 2pm, I picked up my backpack (that had some accessories and extra clothes for the shoot), stopped by a supermarket to buy some tomatoes (I love tomatoes J ) and a few other stuff and then got […]

Cycling from Luxembourg to Amsterdam

Sadly, I didn’t have a camera with me for this trip 🙁 It was summer time, and I was in Luxembourg enjoying some time with friends and family. But then out of nowhere I felt like doing something cool for a few days. I didn’t want to do a long trip, but rather to do […]

Hitchhiking: Luxembourg to Italy and back

It was easter time, and I had holidays. I had to get to Rimini, in Italy, to play an ultimate Frisbee tournament by the beach. I had no clue how long it would take me to get there from Luxembourg, since I wanted to stop along the way. I gave myself 10 days. So time […]

Biketrip: Luxembourg to Budapest

After the success of my first Bike trip, I decided to dare for something bigger. My friend Mark was in Hungary, and the tickets were quite expensive as it was a on the go plan. So I took this opportunity, and decided to go visit him by bicycle. I also really wanted to see again […]

Hitchhiking Sardinia (<1€ per day)

When I was 17, in the same summer that I cycled from Luxembourg to Hungary, I also spent 2 weeks hitch hiking around Sardinia spending less than 1 Euro per day. A few weeks beforehand, I’d gone on Ryanair to search where the cheapest destinations from Sweden would be, to have a fun summery adventure. […]

1st Biketrip: Luxembourg – Zurich

Updates: Looking back at these pictures of when I was 17, I realize that this was my first big jump into the unknown, and I definitely already had the right attitude towards adventure… I’m actually really proud of it!   I was in the car with Charlotte, Ebba’s mum. It was dark and there was […]

Mensa – high IQ society

During my school days in Luxembourg, I was part of Mensa International, an society only open to people with high IQ which regularly organizes events where the members can meet each other and learn new things. It was a very good experience and I got to meet some like-minded people, in addition to a couple […]