Hello there!

My name is Jesus and I’m 28 years young! Despite being born in Spain, I actually grew up in Luxembourg, where I became friends with people from all over Europe and realized that most stereotypes are actually true! 😀 During my time there, I started traveling adventurously through Europe (1,2,3,4,5), in addition to playing in the national rugby team U18. and being part of Mensa, a high IQ society.

When school finished, I moved to the UK to study a Master in Aeronautical engineering (in reality it was more like being on holiday for 4 years :D) while I was doing some fitness modelling/competitions and working as a bouncer. In that period, I did loads of other cool stuff in my free time, like hot air ballooning, ultimate Frisbee, gliding, piloting planes. I remember once that I had a week holiday in between exams, so I decided to buy a racing kayak and do a trip on the river Thames with it for a couple of days!! It was such an awesome experience, but to be honest, I totally overestimated my kayaking skills, and I definitely shouldn’t have done it in the middle February cause it was freezing! 😀

But anyway, I wrote my Master thesis in Germany, and then I took a gap year to do crazy adventures around the world, like buying my own horse and travelling with it in Nicaragua, buying my own boat in Thailand and exploring all the uninhabited islands for 2 months or trekking around the Annapurna in the Himalayas for almost a month. On my way to Lapland, I fell in love with Stockholm and promised myself that I’d come live there, so I ended up studying a Master in General Management at the Stockholm School of Economics! And after the 1st year I realized that I had too much free time, so I decided to enroll myself in my 3rd Master, in Energy Engineering at Gävle University! 😀

At the same time, I was also getting involved in many numerous extra-curricular projects, such as setting up a fitness website, becoming a digital ambassador for the Swedish Institute, being the project leader for my university’s outdoor society, being a consultant, being the fitness guru and a student ambassador in my university.

When my studies finished, I went travelling and ended up spending 4 months touring South East Asia on a motorbike… And then went back to Europe for half a year. I started windsurfing in Sweden, then traveled around visiting friends, did a roadtrip in Morocco and decided to go back home in Luxembourg for a few months, while renting out rooms via AirBnb, where I became a “superhost” due to very good ratings. Then I decided to buy a motorbike and explore my home country, Spain.

When the summer was over, I went to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to do awesome stuff like riding horses on the lake, hunting with a rifle and eagle, and hiking in the middle of stunning landscapes. One day the temperature reached -15°C, so I flew to India, bought a sport motorbike there and ended up motorbiking from north to south for about 4 months. I then went past Dubai, central Europe and Venice to visit some friends, before going to live in Cairo (Egypt) for a month. I then flew to Kenya, where I bought another motorbike and spent 4 months exploring East Africa. I then flew to Budapest (Hungary), to buy a rowing boat with some friends and rowing 1500km until the Black Sea… What an epic adventure!

I then spent few months trying out normal life in Luxembourg, until I realized that it wasn’t for me, so I went to get my motorbike license by the beach in Spain, before going hitchhiking to/around Morocco, hosting 10 guests simultaneously in Luxembourg with couchsurfing, exploring Eastern Europe, taking the transiberian railway, buying 3 horses and traveling with them through Mongolia, hitchhiking through China, hiking in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, and camping around Cyprus.