During the summer of 2016, on a traveling break, I was living alone at my dad’s place in Luxembourg. It felt like a waste having so much space so I decided to fix, redesign and rent out 5 rooms (4 through AirBnb) in the house. I learned a lot about hospitality, and had a great time trying to make all my guests happy. Some evenings we ended up sitting by the fire, doing barbecues, sitting together talking in the living room. Some other times when I had free time I showed guests around by bicycle. I was very flexible and it was a truly amazing experience to add happiness to others’ lives.

Some times I would not be home to welcome the guests, so I would send them a pre-written guide, told them where they could find the house key, and I had stickers all over the house to help the guests. Basically, I automated most things except for the cleaning and washing because it didn’t take long anyway. I also took advantage of the free AirBnb photographer who came and took awesome shots of my house.

Because of the high ratings I received, I became a super host, and my worst rating was a 4 star out of 5. However, after a year of inactivity due to traveling, this status was removed. Here is a LINK TO MY PROFILE with all the 45 reviews and photos from every room.