I somehow had to get from mainland USA (after finishing my motorcycling trip) to Australia (I had a work/holiday Visa). I saw in the map that Hawaii was more or less half way and that the tickets were roughly the same price to fly directly or stop over there, so decided to explore for some days.

I’m a nature and a bit wild guy. So for me, the only real option was to go camping around Maui. I arrived to the airport at night, and saw on Google maps that there was a beach a couple hundred meters away, and started heading that way to put up my tent and spend the night.

It was very warm and humid, and I found a really cool secluded spot by the beach in no time. It was so beautiful just standing there looking at the stars, a bit of a magical experience. In the morning, I could see how awesome the place was.

I didn’t have much food, so I would need to get going to walk to Walmart. I was also carrying my motorcycle helmet, boots and jacket, which I wouldn’t need for the next days camping, but there weren’t any lockers where I could leave the extra stuff that I wouldn’t need, so I just dug a hole in the sand under a tree, and hid my bike stuff, along with my sleeping bag and some tools and clothes that I wouldn’t need. I packed light. My blanket was also my towel, and I had taken it in the plane. If I would get a bit colder, I would just use my emergency blanket which weights about 100 grams or so.

I walked for about 40 minutes until Walmart, where I filled up my backpack with as much food and water as I could. For food, I like to buy stuff like oats (cheap, filling and lasts long), legumes in a can such as chickpeas/lentils/beans, bananas, dried fruit such as raisins and canned fish. While I did my shopping I left my phone charging.

When I finished shopping, Aqua came to pick me up. She’s a really cool and nice girl who had traveled a lot and experienced many things. My friend Vivien who I met motorcycling in India had texted me her contact details, and we had gotten in touch. She was working in Maui as a kayaking and snorkeling instructor.