When I was 17, in the same summer that I cycled from Luxembourg to Hungary, I also spent 2 weeks hitch hiking around Sardinia spending less than 1 Euro per day.

A few weeks beforehand, I’d gone on Ryanair to search where the cheapest destinations from Sweden would be, to have a fun summery adventure. And the cheapest flights were to Alghero,  Sardinia. I wanted to set myself a tougher challenge for this trip, and I decided that I would spend less than 1€/day to live for the entire 2 weeks. And I was still 17.

I ended up sleeping on top of mountains, in harbours, in caves, at people’s places and beaches. I ate whatever the people that picked me up gave me, in addition to the cactus’ fruits.

It was a super crazy adventure with the highest highs and the lowest lows. After I finished my trip, my family and girlfriend came to Sardinia and we spent some days there together.

And so, there I was, on the plane from Gothenburg (Sweden) to Alghero (Sardinia, Italy), looking at a map or Sardinia that I had printed in a hurry. I had 2 weeks there to have fun all around the island, and I was planning on hiking all over the island. The plane touched down, and I went to the tourist office to get a map before starting my journey. Big slap on the face. The map that I had been looking at on the plane was in other units than I thought, and therefore the distances were much longer than I had thought. There would be no way that I could go all around the island in 14 days chilling by the beach and going with the flow while walking 60 km/day. I had no clue what I’d do, so I figured out that hitchhiking from the Airport to Alghero would be a good start. Actually, I had had my first solo hitchhiking experience upon arrival to Sweden earlier on in the summer. I had arrived to the Airport, and had to get to the train station which was about 22km away, but I didn’t feel like paying the fare. So I decided to walk and jog, but I stuck my thumb up for fun just to give it a  try. The 2nd car that went past stopped, and John, a relaxed and kind Swedish man gave me a lift straight to the doors of the train station. I made it faster than by bus, and for free, even meeting and learning from locals. The “SAS” (Special Air Service) unit have the following moto which I generally find it true. “Who dares wins”.

After successfully getting to Alghero and buying some really cheap greasy bread at the supermarket, I went around the city, had a bath, and then decided to hike uphill towards the south east. I think that the trip really started then, jumping fences from orchards, running away from angry dogs chasing me, getting completely lost, and camping wild with only a small sleeping bag. I saw the sunset from the top of the hill over the whole of Alghero and much further away. It was very beautiful, but at the same time I was sad of having left Ebba and Sweden behind. That night (as every 1st night in a new quest) was weird. There were zorros silently passing a few meters next to me, and at some point I heard some really weird noises that kept coming closer and closer, until they were really loud, and I saw a wild pig about 3 m away from me in the dark, making really really loud noises. I was fucking scared. Almost shitting in my pants. There was a tree nearby that I was going to climb onto, but I just didn’t dare to unzip my sleeping bag and get out of it. So I just picked up the biggest stone I could and threw it at it as hard as I could, and fucking hell, luckily for me it went away after a few more shouts. And then there were also the moskitos. I learned from that night, and from then onwards found better, lower, more sheltered places to sleep in. Hehe

I never got to write the whole story… Damn! But it sure was fun!