Hey! I just came from a Kayaking trip around the Thames… After my first exam at uni I had a few days off until the next one, so I decided to do something random and bought a kayak on Ebay, and bus tickets to get there a few hours later, after having a chicken drumstick eating competition (which I won :P) and sleeping 1h!

First I had to carry the kayak 7km to the water. Then I fell countless times. Funnily enough, I thought that paddling a racing kayak would be just as easy as a normal one, and was close of not putting my neoprene on. But good I did cause the first day I fell so many times!

I had an amazing 4 days paddling around, learning and enjoying the wet experience, stopping at random hotels when the night came. Once I got the hang of it I decided to head into London, as it would have been suicide going there without a clue! At the end of the trip I gave away my kayak to some school so that other people would enjoy it just as much as I did.