The previous summer I had hiked the 1st part of the Kungsleden, but stopped due to bad weather (and equipment). So I went up there again, this time with even a tent and sleeping bag! :D

I ended up hiking a couple hundred kilometers in 6 days! It was an amazing opportunity to just get lost in my own thoughts, and be one with nature.

I remember this morning in which I got lost… I had just spent 50 minutes rowing across a lake, when I went into the wrong path until I got lost in the marshes. It seemed like there was some sort of trail, but I later found out that this was the winter trail that nobody took during summer! The previous day I had found a book on local flora in Lapland, and I had found myself staring at this particular illustration of a plant, with orange berries (hjörton / cloud berry). I had heard of them many times, but I had never seen them. I could recall reading in the book that they grew in marshes… So when I looked up, I saw that I was surrounded by them! I picked (and ate) berries for about 2 hours when I was about to explode… :DIt’s amazing how much better fresh food tastes when you are living out of canned and dried food!