Hey guys, long time no read. Well not really but it’s always a good introduction. Anyway, I’m in Kitkiöjärvi, a very remote village in the middle of nowhere/Lapland. I’m living in a big old school, not used any longer because there is currently no one here below 40 except me. This is used in summer as a guesthouse, but it is closed for winter. I live alone in this bigass building surrounded by forest, and yes sometimes I’m a little nervous :-)It’s part of a kind of association, and when I asked them if it would be possible to stay there for the experience, they answered positively. There is not a single tourist in many many kilometers because we are by the arse of the world, and tourists don’t seem to ever come to these places because they think that there is nothing to do. I think the opposite. I find this places so interesting and intriguing, and I’m definitely attracted by them. Oh and its even cheaper than other places here in the Swedish Lapland costing 170kr (~20eur) a night, for my own room with a fully furnished huge kitchen, shower, and man, everything. If you wanted you could even jog inside the building. Oh btw, outside, it’s between -15 and-30. There’s only a few hours of light a day, and the sun just stays in the horizon so the day is a constant sunset almost. All is covered by snow, and thanks to the moon you can go walking around the forests in the night without even needing a torch. The lake is frozen and I walk over it whenever I feel like. In the night I go for long walks, and I sometimes see the northern lights. Yhe other day was the first time I ever saw them, and it was just magical. At first I thought it was a cloud in the horizon but when it became more intense and green I was like “was that tea or absinth”. But I got it. Yesterday I helped some locals to cut and transport some wood and we went driving the snow scooters through the forests and fields. Man what an experience. Btw, an experience in Swedish is translated as upplevelsen. It’s almost like it’s stated that through experiences you up the level. Up-level. Coincidence? I think not. After deloading the trunk of wood with a 70 pensionair in as good shape as me, I got told that I could drive the snow scooter/mobile back nome if I wanted to. Surely enough, i did not refuse it, and it was one of my best rides ever. Btw, i caught it on my GoPro camera:

Me driving:

In the back seat:

To recap on the past weeks, I’ll do a quick summary: after going around with scooter non-stop around madrid and climbing the “Pico del Urbión”, i flew and stayed in Luxembourg for 2 weeks to catch up with friends and mountainbike around the forests. After, i flew to Stockholm and stayed in Gamla Stan a few nights, and it was funny because I was alone in the 14 people dorm. That was amazing, and I somehow fell in love with the city, also almost always speaking in Swedish. A few years ago I’d taken a night train from Stockholm to Åre, and I had loved the experience. So instead of just being nostalgic about it, I just did it and took a night train to Luleå, in the north of Sweden. The journey was amazing, seeing the sparks of the train’s cables reflected on the snow. But it was even better arriving by sunrise to Luleå. I spent it walking over the frozen sea… What an experience. I stayed at a guesthouse where some mentally ill people were interned, and A and I even had to call the ambulance at 3am returning from a club next door because the old alcoholic lady had fallen off and was screaming in pain. This is true: it was her 19th ambulance ride to hospital. At other occasions it was the autistic girlm who started screaming at others not to look or talk to her. However, she really liked me and we talked about her concept of freedom. In our dormitory I got to meet Freddy, a spanish guy with whom I had some stuff in common, includimg a girl who I’d had my first ever kiss with in school. LOL. I spent a lot of time with A, walking around town and over the frozen sea talking about life and watching movies and cooking ans eating traditional swedish food and chocolate. At some point I fell really attracted to her and the rest is history. Lol, that’s a funny expression. I stayed a while longer than scheduled because I felt like, and on the 22nd january I took the nicest bus ride I’ve been in, going into the snow and forest covered Lapland. I was kinda high in life in the bus and back then I wrote the following stuff. LONG VERSION of how I got here: TRIP UPDATES: I… I’m having trouble writing this. I’m like in extasy. This is incredibly beautiful, it’s like not real. I’m on the most beautiful bus ride I’ve been in, alone in the top deck, glazing at the snow-covered landscapes filled with white pines and frozen lakes through the front and side glasses. There is not a single cloud in the clear and pure deep light blue sky. However, the moon is standing just there, surrounded by the pink and red warm sunset colours, present the whole day long as the sun doesn’t really rise. Match that description with the taste of the mint/blueberry chocolate that I’m eating while listening to my favourite trance tunes. I’m in heaven up here by the Arctic Circle around Norrboten & Lapland in Sweden. All my senses are in constant overdrive, and I know that the best is yet to come. In a few hours I’ll be arriving to Kitkiöjarvi, a very small and remote village in the middle of fucking nowhere. Just me, some deers, and my books. The adventure starts now… and I don’t care when it will finish. I need to go to work soon, so I’ll keep this short-ish. After selling my horse in Nicaragua to some really nice family with big fields, I re-crossed Central America, taking the occasion to seal some stuff, such as swimming a few kilometers into the sea to snorkel around the 2nd world’s biggest coral reef on my own, or to kiss-goodbye to some friends I’d made along the way. I flew back to Spain from Cancun for 130€ and I re-met onboard a girl who I had talked to in the plane to Cancun, 3 months beforehand, which was like the ultimate trip seal. I spent a few weeks in Madrid, studying and driving my sister’s scooter constantly. Some times, the petrol tank barely lasted for 24 hours, as I loved sneaking through every little corner in Madrid, riding through the sunrises and sunsets, at 3,4 or 5am with empty roads, empty mind but a hearth on fire, high in life. As a part of a local tradition, I also climbed “El Urbión” on Christmas day with my adorable family.After those magical moments with parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts etc, I went to Luxembourg to have the same but with all friends. It was so funny in town… Virtually everyone seemed to have seen my videos, and it really made my day when some people told me I’d inspired them to follow their dreams, or dared to do something tough but rewarding. It’s cool to hear that I’m an inspiration, but quite frankly, i do not give a shit about that. I’d much rather hear something like “thanks for inspiring me to do this-or-that, it was awesome” rather than “you are such an inspiration that I’m not gonna change shit for the better and I’m just gonna keep passively dreaming about stuff I’d love to do but can’t be arsed to do because of this and that excuse”. Fuck that. So what else? Oh yess, loads of mountain-bike around the forests in Luxembourg through fog, snow and sunshine. And more studying. I’m distance studying Economics this year while travelling, and hence the 8kg of books. The exams are in Brussels mid february, and I’ll smash them. After Luxembourg, I flew to Stockholm and lived in Gamla Stan, just talking Swedish (I’ve learned Swedish while travelling because where there is a will there is a way) and falling in love with the city. I honestly think that there is time for everything, so I always manage to take a break from doing what I love doing to travel ;)It was anyhow really cool to have the 14 person dorm just for me alone, and to wake up with a movie being shot outside my window. I then took a night train to Luleå, because i loved the last time I did it. Mother Theresa has a good quote on that: If you are very nostalgic about something, go and do it. What i love about those trains is that magical feeling of seeing the time passing by the frozen window, watching the train’s cable light sparks reflected on the quiet, forever pure snow covering life, night and day. I got to Luleå just on time to spend the sunrise walking on the frozen sea (my current profile picture). What an experience. Upon arriving to the hostel, I realized that it was not a normal place. The autistic woman facing the wall turned around and started shouting at a girl not to look at her etc etc. That night, Annika and me had to call the ambulance because the alcoholic grandma was too drunk again to lift her face from the ground and to stop crying because of the broken knee. And many more very sad stuff which makes us appreciate so much more what we have. Apparently, it is cheaper to keep them there than in a social care house, if there is any around. But it’s not that bad, ax tonight I was the only guy in the room with 6 or 7 swedish girls. Lol good massage. Anyway, since last car and village was over an hour ago, I must be almost there now, and my biggest fear in life at this moment has just come true… But i’ll just reload my camera’s battery later and all fine. Lol So happy and thankful and positive, and fuck this. Time to get back to work now: Dreaming, and making those dreams come true, enlightened by the northern lights above me. Dream it, do it.

Updates 30 jan: It’s now become even better… A really nice retired woman in the village who brings me all sorts of typical, home-made delicacies (such as cloudberry jan, reindeer meat and cinnamon cakes) has lent me some cross country skis, and a pair of very warm boots :-)In addition, I’ve become friends with some locals and visit them for coffee and sauna. The northern lights were amazing the other day, when it was -35deg outside. Oh and yesterday we went on a ride to Finland… Everything here is so remote and empty, filled with forests and frozen lakes.