After the accident, I could barely walk, so I decided to go chill out and recover in a Buddhist monastery nearby, with views over some of the Annapurnas highest peaks…Every time I looked at them I just wished to recover as fast as possible to go trekking around them… and I guess it worked, because within a few days i slowly started to walk up the stairs with both legs…
It was a danish girl who I’d met while watching a sunset with a friend that had told me about it. She’d been a volonteer there for a few months, helping to improve the nutrition of the food that the monks ate arriving to the conclusion that money was the main limiting factor to its quality.

Anyway, living with the monks, eating (dhal baat twice a day) and talking/spending time with them to learn about their philosophy, was an exceptionally rewarding experience, which I don’t think I would have lived if I would not have been injured. So, a win win it was. I did not have to do anything in particular, although most people who stay there do study Buddhism.

There was a kind of magic atmosphere around, and the fact that you get a good room in an amazing place for 500 rupees (less than 5Euro) per day, food included, made it even better. I stayed there for about 10 days, and when I could finally cripple without crutches, I gave them for free to the local doctor (along with other medicine) and went trekking in order to make my dream a reality.