As I was in Cairo, my buddy Lewis who was living in Nairobi (Kenya) suggested that I should visit him. That sounded like an awesome idea, considering how much I missed him, how little I had explored Africa, and the fact that one of my dreams was to motorbike through this mysterious continent… “Let’s do this”, I thought. Trouble was, a day and a half before my flight, I broke my shoulder doing back-flips. According to the MRI and the doctors, it was a fracture, sprain, strain, tear, impingement and I couldn’t move my shoulder at all. But it wasn’t going to stop me. I started doing loads of rehab exercises on my own and a month later I could already do a couple of push-ups with only a slight discomfort.

I stayed in Nairobi for about a month, exploring the local culture and living the life. Some of the coolest stuff was going to Longonot volcano and hiking along the top, camping in Naivasha next to hippos, cycling through Hell’s gate national park surrounded by wild animals, hiking and motorbiking through Ngong Hills, hiking through Karura forest, visiting Paradise Lost, discovering some parks in the city, and enjoying the view at the top of the KICC building in central Nairobi.

Then Lewis, Oli and me left on Oliver’s 4×4 to do a roadtrip across eastern Kenya and along the coast. The original plan was to do it on motorbikes but Lewis hadn’t yet bought one and the weather was pretty crappy so it was better to travel all in Oli’s vehicle. The itinerary was: Nairobi, Voi, Diani beach, Kilifi, Lamu, Shela, Malindi, Tsavo East, Nairobi.

A few days after our return, I left on my motorbiking trip to meet Judie again in western Kenya in her home town. we stayed there 10 days and explored a lot before I left and entered Uganda. First stop was sipi falls, there are quite a few amazing waterfalls and it is on the hills of mount Elgon, allowing for incredible landscapes. Afterwards I left to Jinja, the birth place of the Nile river. Then Kampala, Uganda’s capital where I socialized a lot and met some fun and interesting people and expats. Judie then joined me there and we left on a motorbiking trip to Mbarara, where we found a cool remote waterfall surrounded by rubbish. The next step was Bunyoni lake, with plenty of beautiful islands, and we slept in a hostel on one of those that we reached on a canoe.

We then went and spent a few days in Kisoro, climbing volcanoes, exploring around, drinking milk, taking funny pictures outside churches, and one day we managed to drive into Congo for a few minutes! Afterwards, it was time to check out Rwanda, and it was such a beautiful country full of hills, the paradise for bikers. we then decided to take a shortcut to lake Edward, and we ended up doing hundreds of kilometers of completely shit roads, and crossing Queen Elizabeth’s natural reserve, where we saw quite a few animals. It got very late and we had nowhere to sleep until we found a tiny fishing village called Kisenyi, and we decided to stay there. After asking around, a family decided to rent out a very basic room to us for 2.5 euros and we had a shower with about 2 liters each if that. The lake had so many animals around it, notably many waterbucks that I managed to approach, but at sunset we had to go away because a few docens of hippos were coming out of the water now that the sun had set, and they are very dangerous.

We came back slowly through the north of Uganda, through Fort Portal, Hoima (where we stayed a few days to check out Lake Albert and watch game of thrones), Masindi, Lira, Soroti into SIpi falls once more so that I could show Judie. But this time we stayed in a remote cottage with insanely beautiful views hanging over the cliff overlooking some waterfalls and valley. We then went back to Kenya and spent a few wekks in beautiful landscapes and around the lake Victoria, passing through Kisumu and Homabay (which has an HIV rate of 23%!!). and then we went past dry arid areas to Narok and back to Nairobi, where I sold the bike in a shop before taking a night bus to Lombassa and spending a few days with Judie in Diani beach before flying to Budapest via Milan, in a plane where I met some fun people.