I hadn’t been back home in a year, and I missed it and my family, so I came back to Spain too spend Christmas with my family.

Afterwards, I went to the beach near Valencia, to chill for a while with Anastasia, a girl I was dating, and bought a motorbike, which I had been dreaming of for a few months, for exploring the area.

When Anastasia had to go back to Ukraine, I picked my best friend Mark up in Valencia and we rode until Peniche, in Portugal, to go surfing. We couchsurfed in Albacete, Malag籀n and Trujillo, and met some fantastic people in all of those places.

In Peniche, we lived in a warehouse that my friend had bought, and surfed at much as we could until we both got injured. Mark sprained his ankle playing basketball and I broke my tailbone jumping onto a rock solid dune (which looked soft before landing on it).

After a couple of weeks, I dropped Mark off in Lisbon, after exploring the city. And fi continued the trip to Madrid, to visit family and friends, before making my way to Valencia for the Fallas, an amazing festivity where hundreds of statues are built and burned in a night.

I then made my way to Sitges, and Tudela, to spend time with my family and hike in Las Bardenas reales, before continuing through Zaragoza and over the Pyrenees, through the Western coast of France and Dunes of Pilat until Bordeaux, to meet an old friend.

I continued to ride until Brussels to meet my sister and her kids, and Anastasia. We then drove together to Bruges and southern Netherlands, before crossing Belgium to Luxembourg and show her my country and spend time with my friends and Dad.

We did some tours in Western Germany and northern France, until she left again and I started hosting loads of cool people with couchsurfing, doing parties with them while enjoying my country and the company of friends and Dad.

At the end of May, I flew to the USA to do another motorbike roadtrip there.