I had just done a mini Europe trip to catch up with some of my scattered friends and family in Brussels, London and Luxembourg, and I was freezing my ass off compared to India and Dubai. However, it was all worth it because I was finally going to meet some of my best friends again, this time in Venice!

This was a very special reunion for Mark, Massa and me as our first-ever adventure trip across Greece and Italy when we were 16 had finished there. Back then, we did not have money for a place to stay, so we had ended upu knocking on doors and found some really nice priests that offered us a flat in the center of Venice for free, and it was such an incredible experience. We were all looking forward to see how Venice had changed in the last 10 years since we arrived there, and believe me when I say that it was totally different from what we remembered!

Massa’s parents had recently bought a house in a nearby island, well communicated to Venice, so he invited us and other of his close friends to join him there for the carnival. It was a truly beautiful and somewhat magical and nostalgic experience for me, one that I will not easily forget. Here are some pictures: